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In 2007, Pacific Custom Log Sort owners Gordon and Shirley Cawley created Quadrant Towing. They wanted to provide an alternative tugboat towing company on the Fraser River to supply the forest Industry with a "Partners In Success" philosophy. Through this they provide superior service and competitive rates as a dedicated log towing and tug boat company for the coastal customers of Vancouver, BC
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We're in the tow boat business, but we like to think of ourselves in the relationship business too. We've been around since 2007 and have been growing quickly ever since, as a direct result of creating partnerships with our clients. Working 24/7 we're fully forest safe certified and take great care to ensure our staff are certified and trained and our fleet is always ready to go.


Manager- Kirsten Wallace
 Kirsten has been actively involved in the forest industry for over 20 years. Through her experience at Pacific Custom Log Sorting Ltd. , she has acquired knowledge of log sorting and towing in the Fraser River. She has been steadily building the Quadrant team and feels that maintaining a strong bond between management and employees is essential in maintaining a quality company.

Senior Dispatcher - Lyle Hargitt
Lyle brings with him a lifetime of experiences starting with Rivtow during his high school years. He became Rivtow's youngest deep sea captain at age 20.
Lyle moved into the office at Rivtow in the early 1980s as a dispatcher. Over the past 25 years he moved up the ranks at various log towing companies in the Fraser River. Nine years ago, he joined Quadrant Towing and during his time, the fleet and crew have shown steady growth. Quadrant Towing has attracted the industry's finest captains and crew.  

Wallace Parnell
The company has an in depth safety program with active involvement from their skippers and deckhands, maintained and developed with the consultation of an on-site OHS & Environment Administrator, who is a certified Construction Safety officer, as registered with the ASTTBC. Maintaining safe working crews, vessels, facilities and acting as environmental stewards on the waters we work on, are of the utmost priority here at Quadrant Towing Ltd.  

Head Dispatch- James Poetsch
James Poetsch is Quandrant Towing's most senior member. He began as a deckhand in 2007 and became a captain soon after. He moved into the office in 2012. 
James will look after all aspects of crewing and towing needs to ensure our customer's log towing commitments are met with the utmost safety and efficiency. 

Teresa Vader
Teresa Vader joined Quadrant Towing in 2016.  She will look after all your invoicing adjustments as well as log boom locations and special projects.

Randall Arden - Dispatch, Water Taxi
Randy joined the Quadrant Team in February 2017 and brought with him years of experience within the towing industry. Randy has worked in the log/lumber industry for 27 years in various capacities including Tug Boat Captain and junior dispatcher. He will be heading up the Water Taxi division of Quadrant, offering a safe, fast and reliable service to our valued customers.

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Whether you need a barge, a water taxi, or need to use some of the 2000 sections of fresh water storage we have available, we're here for you. We are Quadrant Towing, but we're essentially your expert BC coastal log towing company. 

Our 24/7 dispatch is available to ensure we're always ready to get a job started when you need it. You can rest assured that everyone from our tug boat operators to our deck hands all have the proper certifications and credentials in order to safely and properly perform their duties.
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With 9 towboats at our disposal, we're ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get out on the water for you, our new partner. We know our tugboat fleet is our livelihood, so we ensure all of our vessels are in top-notch shape and ready to go when needed. We focus on maintaining the reliability of our fleet, but it also translates into maintaining the safety of our fleet and our staff. Check out our fleet to see what we have to offer!
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