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A tug boat towing logs in Vancouver, BC

Mutual Benefits 

We're in the coastal tugboat towing business, but we also think of ourselves as being in a business of relationship building. We value our partners and their feedback and work with them in mutually beneficial relationships to enhance both our business and theirs. We aspire to remain a premiere tow boat and coastal towing company in Vancouver, BC and beyond. As a result of relationship building our partnerships are long lasting and we are able to offer competitive pricing and better overall service.

Our full time mechanical staff ensures our equipment is certified in compliance with Transport Canada Marine, associated occupational Healthy & Safety Regulations, and the company has maintained "SAFE" (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) certification as recognized by the BC Forest Safety Council. SAFE Companies initiate safety practices that are specifically developed for and by the BC forest sector and are designed for companies to improve their safety performance, and to evaluate company safety programs using industry recognized audit protocols. 

If you have any questions about working with us and building a lasting relationship, or you want to know more about our safety practices call 604-521-1714. We're always happy to discuss the details of our business and how it can benefit yours.

Pacific Log Recovery Systems Ltd.

Pacific Log Recovery Systems Ltd. has operated on the Fraser River and throughout BC Coastal waters since 1997. We provide the following services:

  • Sunk log recovery from mills and private leases throughout the Fraser River
  • Removal and disposal of derelict boats, ramps and floats
  • Clamshell dredging for marinas and shallow storage leases
  • Recovery of sunk bundles from storage grounds
  • Barge transportation of logs, rocks, equipment, and shake blocks along the BC Coast

Call Brad at 604-817-5647 or Doug at 604-961-3684 for more information, or e-mail
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